Natassja Schiel is a creative non-fiction MFA Candidate at UC Riverside (graduating June 2018). Her passion for writing has extended into teaching — and she loves teaching both composition and creative writing. Natassja has been published at the Los Angeles Review of Books, the Millions, Opposum Literary Magazine, and 12th Street. At UC Riverside, she was a Chancellor’s Distinguished Fellow, won the McQuern Graduate Award for Nonfiction, and received a third year MFA Fellowship. Natassja loves: purple gel pens, urban gardening, brewing kombucha, and yoga inversions (though her form needs work). She has a cat named Raja that loves to fetch; Raja persists in this hobby even though she is going blind. (Persistence is a trait they both share.) A lover of creatures, she has fostered monarch caterpillars during her time in Southern California and chronicles this journey on Instagram